Caring About the Little Things

Scheduling a Visit

Prenatal Visits

Are you or someone you know expecting to have a baby soon?   Congratulations!  Call our office at 540.829.4900 to schedule your prenatal visit.  You will have the opportunity to meet our staff and talk face-to-face with one of our pediatricians.  We provide this service at no charge. 

If you plan to deliver at UVA – Culpeper Hospital, we recommend that all first-time mothers take a prepared childbirth class.  These interactive courses are taught by the nursing staff of the Family Birth Center.  UVA – Culpeper Hospital is the first and at this time the only Baby Friendly hospital in Virginia.  This designation reflects the level of support found here for breastfeeding. The FBC nursing staff and lactation consultants also teach classes in Breastfeeding, Infant CPR and Car Seat Safety, and Newborn Care.

Our Top Priority is the Best Care Possible for Your Child.

We are currently accepting new patients.  Most major insurances are accepted.  We look forward to having a long-term partnership in your child’s health.  As an initial step in this process, we invite expectant parents and newcomers to make an appointment to visit our office.  This will give you a chance to look around our office and to ask any questions you may have.  It is also an opportunity for our staff to learn about your needs.  At the visit, you will also be able to interview one or both of our doctors, free of charge.  ​

Well Children Visits

We strongly encourage children to have regular well child visit according to the schedule endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  We recommend well child visits frequently during the first 3 years of life, and yearly after age 3.  This includes preventative exams and screening for health conditions, monitoring growth and development, and counseling on nutrition, safety, development, behavior, and education issues.  There will be an opportunity to address your concerns and to ask questions.

Existing patients who are signed up on our Patient Portal may send a request on-line for an appointment.  We see patients from birth until age 21.  If you feel you have an urgent health concern about your child during office hours, please call our office and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff or pediatricians.  We value the opportunity to coordinate your children’s care.  We will schedule an appointment in our office if medically appropriate.

If you are unable to keep an appointment, please call the office in advance to cancel or reschedule.  This allows other children who need to be seen to use this time.  Please note that you may be charged a fee if you do not show up for your appointment.  If you decide after our office hours that you would like for your child to be seen the following day, you may leave a message with our answering service.  Our staff will return your call when we reopen in order to schedule an appointment.  If you feel you need to speak with the pediatrician on call, follow the instructions for After-Hours Care.

Sick Children Visits

We recognize that having a sick child can easily create considerable anxiety and concern on the part of parents.  Therefore, we are easily available by phone and by appointment to answer questions, give recommendations, and see your child when appropriate.  We are developing resources for addressing various symptoms on this website as well. 

We make every effort to see sick children within 24 hours, but we try to see sick children in the office the same day. During office hours, our nursing staff is available to answer questions and give advice from protocols.  In addition, parents will have access to physician advice both during office hours as well as after hours.

After-Hours Care

In the event of a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately. 

Emergency Care

Examples of true emergency situations would include:

  • Uncontrolled bleeding, severe difficulty breathing, increasing or severe persistent pain, head injury with loss of consciousness, confusion, severe headache, or several episodes of vomiting, seizures (such as rhythmic jerking and loss of consciousness), sudden lack of responsiveness, or acting strangely, or becoming more withdrawn and less alert, serious injury from a fall or other type of accident, blue appearance of lips or chest, suspected poisoning, stiff neck with fever and / or rash, fever greater than 100.3 rectally in an infant less than 3 months of age

For any of these issues, call 911 or immediately go to your nearest emergency room.

Urgent Concerns

Situations which require prompt medical care include fever with rash, continuing sharp or persistent pain, persistent vomiting or diarrhea, concerns that your child may be becoming dehydrated, severe ear pain, severe sore throats, cuts that may require stitches, symptoms which are uncontrolled or worsening, or if you are concerned that your child appears seriously ill.

We are committed to providing 24/7 access for pediatric medical care and advice for your children.  There may be occasions when our office is not open and you have a concern about your child’s health that you feel should not wait until the office reopens.  You may call our office and you will reach our after-hours call service.  The operator will take your message and will contact the pediatrician on call.  Either Dr. Kilby or Dr. Stein is always available to discuss your concern.  At that point, you will be speaking to one of our pediatricians, not a triage nurse who is working in another town or out of state.  You can expect to have a call returned by the physician within 30 minutes.  We will provide advice and, if necessary, guide you to the most appropriate place for care.

If you have a routine, non-urgent question, please call our office during our regular office hours.  Our office staff will be happy to assist you.


Please call the office at 540.829.4900 to schedule an appointment with either Dr. Kilby or Dr. Stein.  We will make your appointment according to your preference for date, time and choice of pediatrician, whenever possible.  We ask that you tell the scheduler any problems you wish to discuss so that she may allow an appropriate amount of time for your child’s visit.  Please let our staff know before your child’s appointment if you would like for another child to be seen as well.

Deliveries & Hospitalizations

Dr. Stein covers our practice at UVA – Culpeper Hospital.  He is certified in neonatal resuscitation (NRP) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS).  For a number of years, he was an instructor for both of these certifications.  He would be glad to see your newborn at the hospital.  When you are admitted to the hospital for delivery, tell the nursing staff at the Family Birth Center that you are using our services.  The nursing staff will contact Dr. Stein after your baby is delivered.  Dr. Stein will attend all C-Sections on patients for Kilby Pediatrics, as well as those vaginal births for which the obstetrician would like for a pediatrician to be present.  He will see your newborn each morning when making hospital rounds, in order to examine your newborn, talk with you, and answer your questions.  Follow-up with our office will be arranged at the time of discharge.

Dr. Stein also has admitting pediatric privileges at UVA – Culpeper Hospital.  Should your child need admission, he will admit him or her to the private service for Kilby Pediatrics.  Dr. Stein will care for your child while in the hospital.  Should your child require care at a pediatric medical center, he will also arrange transfer to University of Virginia Hospital, or a pediatric tertiary care center of your choice.   

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