Caring About the Little Things

Transfer of Records

In order to transfer records from another office or obtain a record of care given at a hospital or urgent care facility, you may request a Release of Medical Records from our office or from your previous physician’s office.  You may also access these forms on-line at  Once completed and signed, these forms need to be sent to your child’s previous physician.  We would be happy to fax this for you if you would like.  Though not required, ideally, we would like to have these records prior to your child’s first appointment with us.   

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

We have been using an electronic medical record (AthenaHealth) since March 2014. Our patient portal allows you to keep important pieces of your child’s health record easily accessible to you.  The patient's health record includes visit details such as medical history, growth, immunizations, and diagnoses.  >>Patient Portal

Medical Records